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 A Lightroom preset collection... 

These presets have been specifically designed to illuminate & highlight natural skin tone in a wide variety of both settings and ethnicities. 

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 Packs Include:

LP Mobile Presets
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  • 4 Color presets

  • 2 B&W presets

  • Editing tutorial video (Desktop only)

  • Extra tips & tricks for matching skin tones, creating the most true to life coloration, enhancing warmth, and demonstrating edit variations from high contrast to film-likeness (Desktop only)

  • Install Guide Video (Mobile only)

LP Desktop Presets
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I can't even begin to tell you how many fellow photographers have reached out, asking me the same question: "How do you get your skin tones?"

So many photographers I've chatted with have struggled with this- either images become too warm and saturated, making subjects look like oompa loompas or -on the flip side- are too cool and desaturated, with the subject's rendering becoming zombie like. Both are a major no no's when it comes to getting the correct skin tone.

It's hard enough to try and capture the "perfect" moment, to get stuck in post is one of the worst places you can be. I've tested these filters on various subjects- on different ages and ethnicities, and these have been my go-to's time and time again... 

Sweet spots of these presets: 

  • Applicable to various lighting situations and gear types

  • Natural tones

  • Timeless feel

  • Easy to manipulate




  • All photos are shot in Camera RAW

  • Auto white balance

  • Directly and/or slightly over exposed

In post, most images have additional corrections made to contrast, exposure, warmth and tone curve

Please note- these presets are not designed to fix a poorly shot photograph. Please make sure you've set appropriate and correct settings prior to usage. 

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