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Guys hello!!

Sorry I've been a little MIA with keeping up with all of my photo work! The truth is, these blogs are never gonna get done unless I make time to get them posted!! It's so hard to keep up with the constant turn over, but I'm determined to get some of the projects I've been working on some air time, they deserve it!! 


That being said, I'm so excited to finally be able to share this project with you! This is my second year in working alongside of A21 in creating visual imagery content for their annual freedom report. This was indeed my favorite project of last year, so naturally I wanted to be a part of the process this year.

A21 is an organization that fights against human trafficking and slave labor all over the world. They do such noble work in absolutely desperate situations. They are unrelenting in spreading hope in hopeless places and work tirelessly to reach, rescue and restore victims of human trafficking. 

This annual report provides the A21 supporters with all of the data, insights, and stories made possible by their financial contributions. It's truly the most powerful testimony! Below I've enclosed some of my favorite images from this project as well as the entire 2017 Freedom Report here. Enjoy xo.... 

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