When I first decided I was going to move to Charlotte, NC- a place, mind you, I had never been and didn't know a single soul- It was after listening to Elevation Worship's album, For The Honor. Even though it was a complete mystery to me, I knew something powerful was happening in a place where songs such as these could exist. . 

Five albums later, they have done it again! Their latest, There Is A Cloud is nothing short of EW's best. This album is my all time favorite by far. Powerful songs like, Fullness and Do It Again, can seriously lift your heart and renew your courage. I am so proud of the collective group of writers, singers and musicians who brought these songs to life. 

Below I've shared some of the beautiful album artwork: *art director & photographers listed in the credits*

I also couldn't be more proud of my hubby and the work he did on this album. He is so, so committed to what he does. Having us both leave our fingerprints on this project was truly more than we could have imagined. 

Below I've included some of my favorite shots from EW's Artist Promo photo shoot:

Catch Elevation Worship on tour this spring & go grab yourself a copy of There Is A Cloud today!